Does the idea of becoming a “metal-mouth” make you question just how much you really want straight teeth? Thankfully, Invisalign® invisible braces can give you the results you desire without using any metal at all! For dentist Dr. Julie Gum, Invisalign® is the teeth straightening treatment of choice for any patient who wants to avoid the disadvantages of braces.

1. Keep Up Appearances

If you were to choose braces for your teeth straightening treatment, the metal brackets and wires would have you flashing a mouthful of silver every time you smile. Some people are so embarrassed by their metallic smiles that they make a conscious effort to avoid showing their teeth in public. On the other hand, Invisalign® trays are completely transparent, and most people don’t notice them even in close proximity. There’s no reason to hide your smile when you’re wearing Invisalign® trays. Additionally, the transparent nature of the trays lets your teeth shine brightly throughout the treatment, which means that your smile will continue to look better and better over time.

2. Eat What You Want

Sticky candy, popcorn kernels, lettuce leaves, and other foods are either prohibited or problematic when it comes to braces because they can get stuck between the wires and may even interfere with the treatment. Invisalign® has no dietary restrictions because you remove the trays whenever you eat. You will be able to eat as much popcorn, caramel chews, or even broccoli as you want with this teeth straightening treatment.

3. Easily Care for Your Teeth

Because oral hygiene is much more difficult with braces, there are special flossing tools designed for people who have braces. The fact that brushing and flossing become more of a challenge with braces makes it easier to neglect your teeth, which can be disastrous for your long-term oral health. But with Invisalign®, you remove your trays to brush and floss normally. Invisalign® makes it easier to continue caring for your teeth and can leave your teeth in better condition than they would have been if you had gotten braces.

4. Stay Comfortable

A mouthful of metal may be a tried and proven method for straightening teeth, but for your cheeks and gums, it is quite literally rough around the edges. The poor soft tissues of the mouth can become irritated, sensitive, or cut up because of the brackets and wires. Invisalign®—also a tried and proven method for straightening teeth—uses smooth, plastic trays that are completely comfortable and rest snugly against your teeth. There is no chance of abrasion or cutting, and any discomfort is limited to what you might expect due to the process of shifting teeth. You can expect a far more comfortable treatment experience with Invisalign® than with braces.

5. Make It Work for Your Schedule

While teeth straightening with braces can take several years and requires monthly visits to tighten the brackets and wires, Invisalign® treatment can be more compatible with your schedule. For the majority of patients, the treatment is quick and takes only one to two years from start to finish. Office visits can be conveniently scheduled every six weeks or so and are just a quick check-up for Dr. Gum to monitor the progress of your treatment. Your Invisalign® treatment can work with your schedule and your timeline needs.